Habat Dawa, Kapsul Rematik & Asam Urat (30 Kapsul)


English Version: Habatudawa


Manfaat kapsul ini secara tradisional dapat membantu meredakan:
Asam urat, reumatik, nyeri sendi, jari-jari kaku, sakit otot pinggang.


  • Centella asiatica: 175 mg.
  • Gloriosa superba: 100 mg.
  • Mimosa pudica: 75 mg.
  • Zingiberis rhizoma: 50 mg.
  • Phyllanthus urinaria: 50 mg.
  • Sonchus arvensis: 50 mg.


  • Pengobatan: 2 (dua) x sehari @ 2 kapsul.
  • Pencegahan: 2 (dua) x sehari @ 1 kapsul.


Hindari makanan yang berupa kacang-kacangan, kopi, emping.


30 kapsul @ 500 mg.

Simpan di tempat kering dan jauhkan dari sinar matahari langsung.


8 thoughts on “Habat Dawa, Kapsul Rematik & Asam Urat (30 Kapsul)

  1. Habat Dawa, Kapsul Rematik & Asam Urat (30 Kapsul)

    i want to buy this medecine. i am in pakistan(lahore)
    please let me know what is the possible way to got this here!
    reply soon!

  2. I live in melbourne ,endeavour hills vic 3802,I want to buy 2 bottles .what is the cost for one bottle ?”habat-dawa-kapsul-rematik-asam-urat-30-kapsul ” how can i buy them, reply soon.

  3. Hi do you sell these tablets? I am in Sydney and would like to buy a few for my mum. She used Habatudawa Uric Acid and Rheumatic before and it helped her with her arthiritis. Thank you


  4. Hi, 

    My father is already using this medicine for his joint pain in his feet…does he have to use this all the time  or is there any time limit like 3 months or 4 months.?…because when he stoped using it for a while his pain started again….and also how many tablets he should take in a day?….is there any side effect of this medicine?

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